I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience over the last month. I learned so much during my time there and those Mondays night felt very precious to me. It was just really nice to be able to dedicate this time to personal development, the nourishing of the soul, and exploring new techniques.
Session 1 was a great ‘breaker’ – I cried during the ancestral meditation and just felt so connected to my lost ones. I felt like I was tuning in, being shaken to my core in a really good way. Session 2 was a learning experience. I believe that’s when you taught us EFT. Session 3 is when things really started shifting. After the flower essences and the reiki you gave us, I felt connected to the very ground I was resting on, like I was part of any element in the room. I was the wood in the floor, I was the cotton of the blanket — if someone poured water on my face, I’d have become the water as well. No joke! It felt like we were all made of the same particle. It was tough returning to the ‘real world’. I was happy that I experienced something very similar during the last session. I really felt the flower essences go into my tissues and become part of me. It was all quite magical.
As a result, I have become quite interested in kundalini and crystals. It was wonderful meeting like-minded individuals as well. We all have a lot to learn from you — and you were very patient and great at explaining everything and answering people’s questions.
Thank you Valerie!!!!!!!!!!
Lea S., NY, NY
I would like to share my amazing experience with the kundalini yoga /flowers essences series. It has made me less stressed and much happier. I am more aware of what is happening at the moment. Also, my doggie is taking the flowers essences and her behavior has changed completely. She is also more calm.Thank you, Valerie for introducing me to kundalini yoga. Your classes have helped to make my life much easier.
Juliana X., NY,NY
Thank you SO much for the workshop last weekend. I found some of the meditations extremely hard but I did feel great when I left so it was well worth it!

I have been trying these flower essences for a week now and I do notice a slight difference. I will wait and see when I reach the three week mark, maybe I’ll be a new person ūüôā

Thank you so much again! Always a great experience being at your workshops. X

K.R., NY, NY

I attended Valerie’s Lighten Up workshop and could not have been more pleased with my experience. I didn’t know what I was in for, having only taken 2 kundalini classes prior with Valerie. We spent about 2 hours doing breathing exercises, kundalini yoga and meditations. My favorite part of the class came after these two hours when we experienced floral acupuncture. It was an experience like no other. It was the deepest and most intense savasana that I’ve ever felt. I came out in such a deep state of relaxation. At the very end, each student received their own special blend of flower essence to take home. I’ve been taking mine 3-4 times daily since and I do believe there have been subtle changes.

I would highly recommend working with Valerie and Be Luminosity. She is genuine, gentle, engaging and encouraging.

Erin P., NY, NY

I have been to see Valerie a couple of times for Reiki sessions. The first time I told her that I was very angry toward someone I wanted to feel compassion toward. What I didn’t tell her was that the repressed anger has caused consistent pain in my upper back that hasn’t relented for a couple of months. After the session I was happy, not angry and the pain I never told her about miraculously disappeared. In another session, I told Valerie I was very stressed and one of my goals was to become calmer. I left the session into the cold New York winter feeling calm and happy. The session was held four days ago – I still feel the same way. Valerie has also given me a couple of meditations. Although I have been practicing Kundalini yoga for years, I never liked the meditations, until apparently I was given by Valerie the mediations that were right for me.¬† At this point the combination of Reiki and meditations have made a big difference in my life. It is not easy to find the right reiki practitioner – I whole heartedly recommend Valerie.

G.B., NY, NY

I am so grateful to have met and worked with you,Valerie. What an amazing and intense experience we had.
Need to journal tomorrow first thing like you suggested, Valerie. I usually have peaceful dreams because I do reiki and metta meditation before I sleep, so surprised me. Was intense and very unlike any dream from the past.
I look forward to another longer PLR session and kundalini class too! I really found PLR very therapeutic. I am working through the message all day.  And see I have an opportunity in this life, with this body and circumstances, to do great things and break the old patterns of pain and heartbreak.
L.P., NY, NY
 Following the most memorable kundalini yoga session in a tipi with Valerie, I felt the vibration of the energy she created in that special space all through the night and the days after. She helped me remove the blocks of fear to let more love in, leaving me feeling luminous! From the tip of my soul: thank you!

Sandrine M., NY, NY

¬†I know Valerie from the modeling business, but honestly since day one we have connected in a different level than what usually modeling business make you feel. It was different than the “I represent who is paying you and you are the one that have to offer the service you’ve been paid for”. ¬†Her and I saw in each other what probably our consciousness couldn’t quite understand at the moment…I could see on her a deeper caring feeling through her eyes, as if I was seeing her soul. ¬†And by doing so, she allowed me to do the same!

Yesterday, almost 6 years later, when I took her Kundalini class in a tipi in Williamsburg, I felt exactly the same about her but now a bit more… (don’t know if the word will translate it….) intentional/conscious, more aware of her healing energy and again, she allowed me to feel the same way.

I left the class feeling connected and honoring my inner healing energy! I feel very grateful for you Valerie and for seeing your personal growth presented the way you do, you allow me to follow your steps and do the same! ūüėČ THANK YOU!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Adriane B., Bklyn, NY

I was visiting NYC and wanted to try a kundalini class. I was fortunate to attend Valerie’s. I appreciated that she welcomed me and that her class helped me with a break through. Valerie’s energy and kindness created a space for practice that allowed me to fully drop into my kundalini experience. I’ve been practicing yoga for 14 years and have only taken a few kundalini classes, for me this class was exceptional.

Rick L., New Hampshire

As a new student of Kundalini Yoga, Valerie’s class guided me through the fundamentals of the practice while also allowing me to explore the wonders that it offers through my own inner guide. I felt uplifted and transformed just a few minutes into the class. Her open and inviting style made me feel comfortable being fully present and participating wholeheartedly in the class.

Lauren S., NY, NY

Thank you again for sharing your light with us today…I had a wonderful class with you. Sat nam!

Jen P., NY, NY

Thank you, Valerie for your generosity of spirit in class- you make it all at once accessible and whimsical! Sat nam.

Allison P., NY, NY

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to attending an amazing workshop that you know will transform your work… then getting hit with a migraine so severe that you can barely function. Literally 30 minutes before we were going to get started, the migraine had me throwing up and curled in the fetal position. Valerie came back to check on me and asked if I would be open to some energy work and essential oils. I was about to just give up and go back to bed for the day because in my experience, migraines like this meant a few days of laying in a dark room wanting to die. But 15 minutes with Valerie and my migraine was gone. Literally GONE. Ah-maz-ing. I was back with the rest of the group within the hour and felt like my normal self. She’s a miracle worker!

Racheal Cook
The Yogipreneur {www.theyogipreneur.com}

I had an wonderful reiki session with Valerie. After an initial chat, I lay down and was immediately lost in a deep dreamy state of total relaxation as Valerie provided reiki energy to me. I could not believe the session was over it went by so fast! When I walked out I felt like every cell in my body had been teased apart, repaired and renewed and put back together. I was walking on a cloud for the rest of the day. I would thoroughly recommend Valerie.

Shawn C,. NY, NY www.nlptrainingnewyork.com 

The reiki session I had with Valerie was fantastic. I was a bit nervous beforehand as it was my first Reiki experience, but Valerie was very nice and explained everything before the session started. The most memorable thing for me was the wonderful colors I saw during the reiki; first a cobalt blue then it changed into deep purple clouds of color moving very quickly. When I opened my eyes I saw the sunny white room, and when I closed my eyes I saw the amazing colors again! I would absolutely recommend Valerie, she was so gentle and friendly and easy to talk to.

Ann T., England

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for today.¬† That was… amazing.¬† I am so excited to have had the opportunity to be introduced to Reiki by such an incredible, talented practitioner/master! I experienced so much, and feel so much more balanced and lighter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

One of the main effects of today thus far, is my ability to breathe deeply.  it started at some point while you were working on me, an opening was created in my front and back heart Рa place that most of the time is very constricted.  The only other time I have ever felt an opening like that was after an incredible Kundalini yoga experience (which is interesting to me as Kundalini is all about releasing energy.) It feels amazing.

My husband Alex, actually said I was glowing.

Again, I really cannot relate in words everything I feel, nor can I even begin to express my gratitude. Thank you so, so much. Love and gratitude

-Heidi Kristoffer, RYT,  NY, NY   www.heidiyoga.com 

Before my visit, I was skeptical of this natural healing technique of¬†reiki.¬† I was amazed at the heat emanating from Valerie’s hands that¬†engulfed my shoulder and head.¬† My body was so relaxed as well as my mind.¬†I left feeling calm and refreshed.”

РJ.D., NY, NY 

I feel so lucky to have found such a capable healer!! I came to Reiki as an optimistic skeptic. I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting myself into, but I had heard amazing things from a few friends I trust, so I figured it was worth a try. I found Valerie almost by accident and I’m so happy I did — she’s phenomenal! Often, I get turned off or feel alienated by practitioners in the nontraditional healing field: the esoteric terminology, the sacredness of routines, their spiritual references that go right over my head, etc., but with Valerie, there was no such subterfuge. She was both relatable and at ease, answering my questions, explaining the process, and really listening to what I was hoping to work on. I was floored by the results — the reaction in my body was immediate and continued and evolved for days after. I can’t wait to return to her bright, calming little sanctuary! You HAVE to try this!

-Leslie Z., Brooklyn, NY

The only words that can describe my Reiki experience with Valerie are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!! I didn’t research before I went because I did not want to go with any expectations. Everyone will experience something different, but do yourself a favor….RUN don’t walk!”

РTahlani K., NY, NY 

Valerie is an extraordinary Reiki healer. She was recommended to me by a dear friend Paola, and after meeting with her and experiencing Reiki for the first time, I am a true believer in its power to heal and inspire. Valerie is incredibly wise. Her guidance and touch are uplifting, and the energy she released from me, and then restored within me, was/is remarkable. I highly recommend her and to anyone seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that is full of clarity and wisdom.”

-Andrea J., LIC, NY 

Valerie combines a natural affinity for the highest frequency- she was able to clear some blockages & realign my energy. I highly recommend her practice- she has the study, drive and calling as an excellent healer/ reiki master. We did three sessions, three days in a row long distance. Namaste.

РElizabeth O., Florida