In a typical reiki session, the client lays down fully clothed on a massage table, while the practitioner uses various hand positions lightly placed or hovering over the client’s body. The client may experience heat or cold, see images or colors or just be an a relaxed state. Clients leave the session feeling more relaxed, minor aches & pains may haveĀ disappeared and just a sense feeling more balanced.

Reiki is offered to help facilitate your energy healing. It is not the practitioner who is doing the healing, it is the reiki which flows through to get your body to heal itself. Reiki is a subtle healing energy. The healing continues long after the session takes place.

On the fence about trying energy healing? Make a choice to reclaim your radiance! Here’s an analogy: let’s say there was a new piece of furniture that you wanted, but there was no room in your apartment, you would either make room for it or pass on it, right? By that same token, if you have not made room for healing or abundance in your life, are you passing it up?

I am holding a space for your healing and for your abundance. Come claim it!