Bet you didn’t know that companion animals can also benefit from reiki sessions!

Reiki is great for animals. Animals are extremely sensitive to energy. Because they are so sensitive, they tend to take on their owners’ stress and anxiety, which makes them great candidates for reiki healing and balancing.

Reiki also helps accelerate the healing process- so if your companion animal needs surgery or is recovering from illness or mourning the loss of a family member, consider speeding up the healing process with reiki so your kitty or pup can get back to health sooner than later.

In a typical session which takes place in the animal’s own environment, reiki is offered to the animal and they take what they need. It is important that they are in control and that they do not feel that the reiki is forced on them. Some animals will run around a bit, but eventually settling down close by to receive the reiki and sometimes fall asleep for a reiki nap. Regular reiki sessions for animals are a great way to help our furry friends stay balanced and happy.