Kundalini Yoga is a transformative science.

It is yogic technology that combines breath work, asanas and sound vibration for a healthy mind & body and soul alignment. A healthy mind & body means more flexibility, clarity, focus and calm. Basically, kundalini yoga makes you feel great!

It’s a little different from the hatha/ vinyasa based styles of yoga that most people are familiar with. ┬áIt’s not a vigorous flowing kind of yoga class. It may even seem a little odd because oftentimes there’s a lot of chanting while squatting and holding your arms up in the air for what seems like forever, the teacher wears white and sometimes even a turban…but here’s the thing of it, it works. It’s powerful.

Kundalini Yoga shifts your energy. In woo terms, Kundalini Yoga raises your vibration through movement, breath, and chanting. It’s a beautiful thing.

Come for an experience.

Class schedule posted under Workshops tab. Interested in finding out more, but not ready for a group class?

Book a series of one-on-ones in the privacy of your own home or office. Bonus here is that by doing sessions in your own space, we also shift the energy of the space.

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