My Mission

Be ambassador extraordinaire of the down-to-earth approach to energy healing! Make reiki and energy healing super approachable and still look cute. Spreading the love about reiki & energy healing in my straight talk vegan milkshake manner, will bring all the boys & girls to the yard. And that will make the world a way better place.


My Promise

Less woo-woo, no patchouli, ZERO sacred Earth Mother hippie-dippy talk and just the teeniest bit of new age-y stuff. Yes, I carry crystals and wear mala beads but I am also a born and bred New Yorker – and that is my saving grace from ascending into lala land…

Looking for a reiki master practitioner’s website with kanji symbols and pictures of glowing, healing hands, waterfalls and instrumental music? Or expecting a hypnosis site with swirling spirals? Past life regression site with images of pyramids and outer space? This site is not for you. Want straight-talk on energy healing? Mind-body connection talk with a side of sass? Then my site is definitely for you!


How Did I Get Here?

After almost twenty years of working in the rough and tumble world of models, photo shoots and being the dancing-on-tables-party-girl, I realized that something was sorely missing for some time- my passion.

Of course, I still rocked at casting and production and dancing on tables, but inside I felt dull and lackluster. My life seemed stagnant. Always extremely grateful for all the clients and work over the years, I still needed something more. I was no longer leaping out of bed excited about my work day (well some days, I was racing out of bed due to shoot anxiety, does that count?).

My giant wakeup call? An out-of-town production with a big name photographer, a project I turned down more than once because it spelled trouble. Against my better judgement, I was coerced into the job. In turn, everything that could go wrong, did. Weary, worn down, running on high anxiety and no sleep, there are no words to capture the inordinate amount of stress I felt. It sucked big time.

One morning half way through the week’s shoot, it was so bad, I could barely get out of bed.

What kind of miserable lesson was the universe trying to teach me? I just didn’t get it. I meditated daily, but I was so deep in the hole, I couldn’t grasp why this shoot was so especially painful. A friend stated that it was a reminder: I should have followed my gut instinct and turned down the job. Of course. Yes.

Trust me, I got that lesson loud & clear. It’s permanently ingrained in my backside because that job kicked my ass-

Always trust your deep gut instinct.

I had been called to reiki – (yes insert eye-roll), it’s a long story for another day but there’s no other way to describe it.

I am grateful for the production from hell because it has led me back to my true passion of energy healing work.

Like the prodigal son, I have been welcomed home.


My Toolkit

  • Reiki Master Teacher – practicing reiki since 2008 and completed 230hr Reiki Master Teacher certification through Margaret-Ann Case and Joanna Crespo at The NY Open Center
  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor – 200hr teacher training at Golden Bridge Yoga/KRI
  • Hypnotherapist – IACT certification through Melissa Tiers at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis
  • NLP & HNLP practitioner certification through Shawn & Sarah Carson at International Center for Positive Psychology and Hypnosis
  • HypnoBirthing® Practitioner – The Mongan Method through The HypnoBirthing® Institute
  • Have also studied kinesology, polarity therapy, cranial sacral therapy
  • Miracle House which provides temporary housing to caregivers & patients coming to NYC for critical care- reiki volunteer
  • Beth Israel Hospital’s Department of Integrative Medicine reiki program

Helping others through various healing modalities makes me feel infinitely fulfilled. Might sound like some trite Hallmark card, but it’s the truth.

Practicing alternative healing modalities and energy work is my passion. Reiki changed my life. Hypnosis and Past Life Regression took my passion to another level.  Healing work resonates deeply and truly within me and I am here to share it with everyone.

Let me facilitate your energy healing to get back to your innate luminosity. It’s like energy exfoliation, time to shed that old energy and pattern that no longer serves you. Let’s get your luminous glow on!